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Donate a Car For Charity in Massachusetts

We help over 30 MA charities by managing their car donation programs for residents of Massachusetts in around Boston, and statewide. Before you select the charity for your Massachusetts car donation please read through our car donation FAQ to learn how our program works and why we are the best choice for car donations in Massachusetts.

The MA State government notes: “Donating a car is a way to support a charitable organization while still reaping an economic benefit through a tax deduction.”

donate cars in massachusetts
Below we have listed the charities that you can support through car donations in Massachusetts. These are eligible §501(c)(3) organizations, public charities which the Internal Revenue Service has determined to be tax-exempt.

Once you are ready (or if you’re ready now!), simply note a charity from the list below (or click to find out more information on donation recipients) and then donate your car using our convenient online car donation form or call us toll-free at (866) 392-4483 to donate over the phone.

source : http://www.donateforcharity. com/massachusetts/


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Local Car Dealership Makes Donation to Make-a-Wish

Idaho's Make-a-Wish grants 90 wishes to children a year throughout the state and thanks to Pocatello's Kia car dealership, a child in southeast Idaho will be able to have their wish come true.
The dealership donated more than $5,000, taking their total to $15,000 in three years. For every new Kia sold in August, they donated 100 dollars to the cause. Regional representatives say the money donated stays local and there's nothing more important than local support.

Julie Thomas, Regional Manager for Make-a-Wish Idaho says, "This means everything to Make-a-Wish. To have the local support that the funds will benefit a local wish child is fantastic."
Chris Russell, Owner of Pocatello Nissan Kia, "With what we did last year and the child we helped before, it makes it real easy to move forward on a third year and I'm sure we'll do it next year. Cause I challenge anybody out there to think of a better cause than Make-a-Wish Idaho."
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Donate your car today

Why should I donate my vehicle?

-100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle will be used by your local Habitat for Humanity to build and repair affordable homes.
-You may qualify for a tax deduction for donating a vehicle.
-It’s fast and easy.
-30 percent of cars donated to Habitat are recycled for materials or sold for reusable parts.
-Recycling steel uses less energy and natural resources and produces less carbon pollution.
-Taking an inefficient older car off the road helps save gas and improves air quality.

Need help? Email us at
How do I donate a car?

You can donate your vehicle in three easy steps with the Habitat for Humanity International car donation program:
-Start your donation online by navigating to our donation wizard, or call our hotline at 1-877-277-4344.
-Our team will ask you to provide information such as vehicle make, model, vehicle identification number and current mileage.
-If your vehicle is accepted, you can…